FSY662 Toy Drop Tester



Mainly used to detect the falling performance of toys, applicable to major toy manufacturers, major quality inspection units and testing stations.


Instrument characteristics:

1. The panel is made of imported special aluminum, with beautiful appearance and convenient cleaning.

2. High precision bearing control movement.

3. Electrostatic spraying process shall be adopted for surface spraying of the instrument.

4. Special aluminum panel and imported metal keys are sensitive to operate and not easy to damage.

5. Color touch screen display control, menu operation mode, convenient and concise.

Technical parameters:

1. Falling height: 0 ~ 1350 mm

2. The height of the clamper is adjustable from 100 mm to 1350 mm.

3. Volume: 680×680×2000mm(L×W×H)

4. Power supply: AC220V,50Hz

5. Weight: 200kg