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The Standard Brush Is Developed By Fangyuan

It is to be broad in outlook and to take in agreement, to accumulate wealth and to develop thinly.  After decades of persistence, people in the countryside have been pioneering and innovating.  Dare to try to promote the development of textile instrument industry from all aspects.  The round track pilling tester standard brush project is one of nearly 100 innovative projects of Fangyuan Company.  However, Fangyuan Company has invested more energy, material resources and financial resources than any other project to solve the problem that the test results are quite different due to the difference in the brushes of the round track pilling tester, which has troubled generations.  Ten years to sharpen a sword.  The treatment and resolution of the brush problem of the round track pilling tester can more truly represent the down-to-earth and hard-working quality of the people around the country.  Since 2003, fangyuan people have been continuously trying various schemes to solve the brush problem.  Only in the selection of nylon filament materials, at least more than 20 kinds of nylon filaments of different specifications have been selected, including those produced by domestic manufacturers and those imported. After strict comparative tests and a large amount of data analysis, nylon filament materials have been selected.  At the same time, the structure of the instrument was carefully improved, and accessories were strictly and carefully selected. Other problems were studied and solved one by one. YG502 fabric pilling tester ( also the equipment for acceptance of standard brush components ) was developed.  The introduction of this instrument has solved the problem that the pilling test error of round track is too large.  Guangzhou Fiber Products Testing Institute has successively purchased nearly 10 sets of this model from our company, and has received support and recognition from third-party notarization and inspection institutions such as China Academy of Textile Sciences, Textile Industry Association and National Metrology Station.  Thanks to the trust of the Textile Metrology Technical Committee and the National Textile Metrology Station in Fangyuan Company, the standard hairbrush of the round-track pilling tester has settled down and the flowers have fallen into Fangyuan. It is an encouragement and support to Fangyuan people and other industries in the country to do things conscientiously, steadfastly, to make technological innovations, to cut through all obstacles and to meet difficulties.  People in the countryside will hold out their chests and March forward bravely.  Notice of Textile Metrology Technical Committee, Textile Planning Commission [ 2016 ] No. 6 on Unifying YG502 Standard Brush for Round Track Pilling Tester: Whether the brush quality and technical indexes of round track pilling tester are uniform is the key factor affecting the consistency of fabric pilling test results.  After full discussion by the metrology technical Committee, it was decided to entrust the national textile metrology station to research, produce and uniformly use standard brushes to improve the consistency of test results.  Since 2013, the national textile metering station has conducted extensive research on YG502 round-track pilling tester, and has conducted aging tests, sample comparison tests, and comprehensive tests on individual performance indexes of nylon yarn on round-track brushes made by more than 10 domestic units. At present, all technical verification work on standard brushes has been completed and batch production can be carried out.  After research, it was decided to use YG502 round track pilling tester standard brush in the whole industry.  The standard brush blank is uniformly produced by Wenzhou fangyuan instrument co., ltd. the national textile metering station carries out pre-grinding treatment, inspection and uniform technical parameters on the standard brush, specifying the number of times and years of use.  Standard brushes are sold by the national textile metering station and provide technical services for old instruments.  Please contact the national textile metering station for details.

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