We have always stressed that what the company is most proud of is not our products, but our team and culture.  As a national high-tech enterprise that takes honesty as its working attitude and innovation as its working method, we regard human resources as an important resource for the development of the enterprise. Starting from the strategic development needs of the company, we recruit, employ, educate and retain talents.

We attach great importance to employees' recognition of the company's culture, personal character and development potential, and provide a good working environment for each employee, create a harmonious working atmosphere, advocate simple and sincere interpersonal relationships, and respect each employee's personality.

We are willing to leave more career development opportunities to employees who love and are loyal to the enterprise and are willing to give and contribute to their career. We will build a growth platform for them, strengthen learning and training, implement a reserve talent plan, achieve employee value, and rationally design career development paths for employees.