Y571E-II Fur Rubbing Fastness Tester



1. Metal painted shell and metal panel;

2. color touch screen display operation. The menu bar is arranged vertically on the left side of the screen to make the interface tidier;

3. three friction strokes are available: 150mm, 210mm, 270mm.

APPLICATION: This machine is suitable for all kinds of dyed fur, dry and wet rubbing fastness and hair loss test of all kinds of fur products and leather products.

STANDARD: GB/T 5460 (FZT60029), QB/T 2790-2006, QB/T 1278-1991


1. Action mode: straight one-way brushing movement

2. Test speed: 26 times/min

3. 3 friction stroke options: 150mm, 210mm, 270mm

4. The diameter of the friction head (color fastness): Φ30mm

5. Test load (color fastness): 19700±140Pa

6. Test area (hair loss): 200cm2

7. Test load (hair loss): 88300 ± 40Pa

8. Counting range: 1 ~ 99999

9. Dimensions: 600mm×455mm×232mm (W×D×H)