YG542F Flexural Damage Tester



It is used for the dynamic anti-twist and flexural fatigue properties test of coated fabrics. Metal painted case with color touch screen display operation supported.


FZ/T 01052, BS EN, ISO 7854, BS 3424


1. The device consists of two opposite flanged discs, wherein the disc A is oscillated about its axis, and the disc B is reciprocated and moved along its axis to cause the specimen to repeatedly twist and bend at the same time

2. The instrument is equipped with an angle fine adjustment device (85°-95°)

3. Cylinder A diameter: ¢ 63.5mm.

4. Cylinder A thickness: 15.0mm

5. Cylinder A swing speed: (200 ± 5) times/min

6. Cylinder A swing angle: (90±1) °

7. Cylinder B diameter: ¢ 63.5mm

8. Cylinder B thickness: 15.0mm

9. Cylinder B reciprocating speed: (152 ± 2) times/min

10. Cylinder B reciprocating stroke: (70 ± 1) mm

11. Counter: it can record the number of oscillations of the cylinder A and the reciprocation times of the cylinder B, and the counting range is: (0~999999).

12. Sampling template size: 220mm × 190mm

13. Power: AC220V, 50Hz

14. Mass: 35Kg