FTG010 Geosynthetics Dynamic Friction (Shearing, Drawing) Tester



It is used to measure the direct shear friction and pull friction test of geosynthetics under dynamic (static) normal pressure.


1. Direct shear test:ISO12957.1, GB/T 17635.1, ASTM D5321, JTG E50 T1129, SL/T 235

2. Pull test: JTG E50 T1130, SL/T 235


1. The structure design is simple and practical, and the patented dynamic normal loading mechanism provides more than one time of simulated experimental conditions beyond the actual working conditions;

2. Equipped with a mobile device to make the work of replacing the cutting box, drawing the test box and sample fixture more labor-saving and quick;

3. The function conversion is convenient, and the exchange of direct shear test and pull test can be completed by simple operation;

4. The brand servo drive system makes the displacement accuracy higher and the speed more accurate;

5. Premium brand sensor for more accurate measurement;

6. The normal pressure adopts the pneumatic principle and is equipped with a precision control valve to make the pressure more accurate and stable;

7. The control panel is made of imported special aluminum profiles and equipped with metal buttons.

8. Premium brand color touch screen display;

9. Important parts are processed by special materials (such as test box, pulley, pressurizing mechanism, etc.).


1. Direct shearing box size: 300×300mm

2. Pulling box size: 400×400mm

3. Force range: 0.01 ~ 30KN

4. Force accuracy: ≤±0.05% F.S

5. Normal pressure: 50kpa 100kPa, 200kPa, 300kPa, 400kPa

6. Pressure accuracy: ±2%

7. Direct shear drawing rate: 0.1~10mm/min (continuously adjustable)

8. Displacement range: 0 ~ 100mm (can be customized)

9. Displacement sensor resolution: 0.1mm

10. Gas source: 0.4~0.6Mpa

11. Power: AC220V (50HZ ± 1%) 3KW

12. Dimensions: 1800mm×600mm×1600mm (L×W×H)

13. Mass: 800Kg