FTG011 Geosynthetics Biaxial Tensile Tester



It is used for the measurement of biaxial tensile deformation and strength of various fabrics, geotextiles, canvas and membrane.


1. The device is capable of performing biaxial stretching of transient and long-term creep;

2. It is possible to achieve loading of stress and strain under arbitrary ratios in both directions;

3. The instrument is designed with the “+” type biaxial stretching method, which is the most direct and most reflective method for the two-way force state of the material;

4. The drive system uses high quality brand servo drive motors and drives;

5. The transmission structure of the equipment is made of high quality imported brand ball screw and precision slider drive.


1. Working mode: microcomputer control, full computer test and data processing

2. Working methods:

A: one direction of the collet stays silent, and the other direction is biaxial stretched.

B: Two-direction collet is simultaneously stretched in both directions

3. Sampling frequency: 100 times/s

4. Maximum range: 10000N

5. Force range: 1% ~ 100%

6. Force accuracy: ≤±0.2% F·S

7. Stretching speed: 0.1 ~ 600mm/min

8. Effective range:

X axis 200mm ± 0.01mm on both sides (can be customized)

Y axis 200mm ±0.01mm on both sides (can be customized)

9. Clamping width: ≤60mm

10. Power: AC220V±10%, (50HZ±1%), 2Kw

11. Dimensions: 1260×620×1800mm

12. Mass: 460Kg