FY020 Geotextile Vertical Permeable Tester


APPLICATION: It is used for the permeability test of various geotextiles.

STANDARDS: GB/T15789, ISO11058


1. The maximum flow rate can be controlled to: 5L/min, which can accurately measure the water permeability of single-layer geotextiles;

2. With a flow meter, which can accurately control the head pressure difference;

3. The water is permeable from the bottom of the sample, no drop, no bubbles will be formed, and the test is accurate;

4. The whole machine adopts imported 304 stainless steel; the workbench adopts imported special aluminum, sandblasted and oxidized, anti-rust and anti-corrosion, and the whole machine is relatively light;

5. Equipped with a precision stopwatch.


1. Determine the flow velocity index and other permeability characteristics of the vertical flow of water through a single-layer, unloadable geotextile and related products

2. The whole machine is made of imported 304 stainless steel, and the workbench adopts imported 304 stainless steel plate to prevent rust and corrosion.

3. It is possible to select different ranges according to the water permeability of the sample. There are four flowmeters of 600ml/min, which are suitable for samples with small water permeability; and a flow device that can meet 5L/min, which is used for samples with large water permeability; the head pressure difference can be compensated

4. The built-in water tank capacity as much as possible to ensure that the water head pressure difference is not rushed; water is injected through the static water tank from below the sample to remove bubbles in the water, reducing test error

5. Maintain a constant head on both sides during the test, accurate to 1mm

6. Maximum head pressure difference: 300mmH2O

7. Inner diameter of the clamped sample: Ф50mm±0.1mm

8. Sample thickness: (0.1 ~ 10) mm

9. Flow range: (0 ~ 5) L/min

10. Measuring cylinder: 1000ml (measurement accuracy 10ml)

11. Water level indicator: indexing 1mm

12, Dimensions: 1200×650×1900mm (L×W×H)

13. Mass: 85Kg