YG030-1A Geotextile Apperant Opening Size Tester (Drysieving Method)


AOS tester is used for the determination of the effective pore size of all types of geotextile products.



Using the geotextile sample as the sieve cloth, the standard granular material of known diameter is placed on the geotextile and sieved, and the diameter of the standard granular material passing through the geotextile is weighed to obtain the effective pore diameter of the geotextile product.



GB/T14799, ASTM D4751, JTG E50 T1144, SL/T 235



1. The instrument uses imported servo motor and drive system. The vibration frequency is adjustable. The running noise is low;

2. The base is aggravated, there is no large movement during the realization of the whole machine, and the running noise is effectively reduced;

3. Imported special aluminum stainless steel panel, imported metal buttons;

4. Stainless steel screen.


1. Support mesh diameter: 200mm

2. Mesh height: 40mm

3. Horizontal shaking frequency: 220±10 times/min

4. Mesh screen radius of gyration: 12 ± 1mm

5. Vertical vibration frequency: 150 ± 10 times/min

6. Amplitude: 10 ± 2mm

7. Scheduled time: 0 ~ 999999 s

8. Power: AC380V, 50HZ, 1000W

9. Dimensions: 600×600×1100mm (L×W×H)

10. Mass: 130Kg