YG040-Ⅱ Geotextile Dynamic Perforation Tester



1. Box structure (to avoid injury to the operator when the drop cone falls);

2. Precision motor control cone lift;

3. Imported brushed stainless steel materials. Special aluminum panel, imported button;

4. Plexiglass observation window.


It is used to determine the ability of geotextiles and related products to resist the penetration of steel cones falling from a fixed height, and to characterize the degree of damage to geotextiles caused by sharp stones falling on the surface of geotextiles.


The geotextile sample is horizontally clamped in the clamping ring, so that the steel cone of the specified quality falls from the height of 500 mm on the sample, a hole is formed on the sample, and a small angle cone marked with a scale is inserted into the hole with. The degree of penetration was measured.


GB/T17630, ISO 13433, JIG E50 T1128


1. Inner diameter of clamping ring: Ф150±0.5mm

2. Distance from steel cone tip to sample: 500 ± 2mm

3. Stainless steel cone angle: 45 º, total mass: 1000±5g

4. Measuring cone mass: 600±5g

5. Power: 220V, 50Hz, 50W

6. Dimensions: 540×470×1130mm (L×W×H)

7. Mass: 50Kg