YG050-Ⅱ Geotextile Wear Testing Machine



1. Imported motor and driver are used, the instrument runs smoothly and the noise is low;

2. Metal panel, imported metal button, import count meter;

3. The sample holder is made of stainless steel and imported special aluminum material.


It is used to determine the anti-wear properties of woven geotextiles, non-woven geotextiles and related products.


Fix the specimen on the platform and make the abrasive with the specified surface characteristics under the specified pressure and friction action. The friction is applied, and finally the tensile strength of the sample before and after rubbing is tested, and the wear resistance of the sample is described by the percentage of strong loss.


GB/T17636, ISO13427


1. Upper plate: 50mm × 200mm

2. Lower plate: size: 50mm × 200mm; stroke: 25 ± 1mm; frequency: 90 times / minute

3. Sample weight: 6 ± 0.01kg

4. Number of rubbing: 1~99999 times, arbitrarily set

5. Dimensions: 950×400×450mm (L×W×H)

6. Mass: 80Kg