XQ-Ⅱ comprehensive strength machine for footwear



This instrument is an improved model made in China. It is based on domestic accessories and introduces a large number of foreign advanced control, display and operation technologies, with a high letter-to-price ratio.  It is widely used in the testing of tensile breaking, tearing, bursting, peeling, seam, elasticity, bonding strength and other industries such as footwear, shoe materials, yarns, fabrics, printing and dyeing, fabrics, clothing, zippers, leather, non-woven and geotechnical materials.  Sharp LCD blue screen display and full Chinese menu operation are adopted.  "stmicroelectronics Company" ST Series 32 - bit Single Chip Microcomputer and 16 - bit A/D Converter Control;  Domestic DC servo driver and motor, threaded screw rod.


GB/T, FZ/T, ISO and other standard systems. For details, please refer to the list of standards for powerful machines.

Instrument characteristics:

1. Full Chinese menu operation, LCD screen displaying all parameters and data;

2. Delete any measured data, and export the test results to EXCEL documents to facilitate connection with user enterprise management software;

3. Software analysis function: breaking point, breaking point, stress point, yield point, initial modulus, elastic deformation, plastic deformation, etc.

4. Safety protection measures: limit, overload, negative force value, overcurrent, overvoltage protection, etc.

5. Force value calibration: digital code calibration ( authorization code );

6. Unique ( mainframe, computer ) two-way control technology makes the test convenient and quick, and the test results are rich and varied ( data report, curve, graph, report form );

7. Standard modular design facilitates instrument maintenance and upgrade.

Software function:

1. Parameter setting: the tester's name, sample name, batch number and other parameters can be independently set and printed in the test report;

2. Test the function of selecting points and enlarging the curve. Click any point on the curve to display the strength value and elongation value;

3. Test data report can be converted into EXCEL document and saved to PC;

4. The testing software includes various testing methods for fabric strength, making testing more convenient, fast, accurate and realizing low-cost operation.

5. Open user program, the user can edit the corresponding test method (optional).