FFZ431 Wrinkle Assessment Viewer


A lighting system of cool white fluorescent lamp assesses the wrinkle appearance and other appearance qualities of a folded fabric specimen.






1. Should be used in a dark room.

2. Equipped with 4×1.2m 40W power CWF fluorescent lamps. Fluorescent lamps are divided into two columns, without baffles or glass.

3. Equipped with a white enamel reflector, without baffles or glass.

4. Equipped with a sample holder.

5. Equipped with a 6mm thick plywood, the outer dimensions are: 1.85m×1.20m, painted in gray with a matt ash paint, grade 2 gray card sample for assessing staining in accordance with GB251.

6. Equipped with a 500W reflective floodlight and its protective cover.

7. Dimensions: 1200×1100×2550mm (L×W×H)

8. Power: AC220V, 50Hz, 450W

9. Mass: 40Kg