FY082-II carpet dynamic load meter



Used to test the thickness reduction method of blanket under dynamic load.


QB/T 1091-2001, ISO2094-1999, etc.

Instrument characteristics:

1. The overall appearance of the machine is elegant, and the surface is painted with excellent metal paint.

2. The sample mounting table can be quickly assembled and disassembled.

3. The transmission mechanism of the sample platform adopts high-quality inlet guide rail, with quiet, stable and high precision operation.

4. The heavy block is driven by connecting rod, the guide rail is oriented, and the downward movement is stable without deviation.

5. Imported special aluminum wire drawing panel, metal keys and digital meter.

6. Import Header.

7. The instrument is equipped with a safety shield.

Note: The thickness measuring device can be upgraded and shared with digital carpet thickness gauge.

Technical parameters:

1. The total weight of the weight is 1279±13g ( the bottom of the weight contains two steel legs: 51±0.5mm long, 6.5±0.5mm wide and 9.5±0.5mm; high;  The spacing between the two steel legs is 38±0.5mm )

2. The weight freely falls onto the sample from a height of ( 63.5±0.5)mm every (4.3±0.3 ) S.

3. Sample table: length ( 150±0.5)mm and width (125±0.5) mm.

4. Sample layering: length ( 150±0.5)mm and width (20±0.5 ) mm.

5. The sample table moves forward ( 3.2±0.2)mm during each drop of the weight, and the difference between the return stroke and the process displacement is (1.6±0.15 ) mm.

6. A total of 25 impacts were made back and forth, forming a compression area of 50mm wide and 90mm long on the surface of the sample.

7. Sample Size: 150 * 125 mm

8. Overall dimensions: 400 * 360 * 400

9. Weight: 60KG

10. Power Supply: AC220V±10%,220W,50Hz