FY146 Carpet special hexapod tester



Carpet - specific hexapod tester is a professional testing instrument that is specially used to test the changes of carpet surface structure and color under mechanical action.


GB / T 26811 - 2011 and other standards.

Instrument characteristics:

1. The surface of the instrument shall be treated by metal baking varnish process.

2. Use imported special aluminum panels.

3. High - definition touch color screen.

4. Low operating noise.

5. Built-in transmission mechanism, effectively beautiful instrument.

Technical parameters:

1. Power supply: AC220V±10%,50Hz

2. Overall dimension 550× 520× 470 mm ( L× W× H )

3. Plastic drum size:

    Internal diameter: 305mm±1mm

    Wall thickness: 8mm±0.1mm

    Internal depth: 200mm±1mm

4. Roller speed: 35r/min±2r/min

5. Hexapod Size:

    Stigma diameter: 40mm±1mm

    Stigma height: 15mm±1mm

    Stigma rounded diameter: 15mm±1mm

    Steel back thickness: 3mm±1mm

6: Weight: 25kg