YG815GA Carpet combustion performance tester



Pre - treat the sample with specified methods, conduct surface combustion test with standard fire source, and judge the flame retardant performance of the sample according to the combustion results.


GB / T 11049, CPAI - 84 horizontal method, etc.

Technical parameters:

I. Main engine:

    1. The internal size is 350 x 350 x 450 mm;

    2. The inner plate is made of hard refractory insulating plate;

    3. It has heat resistance similar to that of asbestos cement board, and its thickness is not less than 6mm;;

    4. The top of the box can be opened with refractory mirror glass to observe the combustion of the sample.

    5. There is also a movable bottom plate made of the same material. The joints are closely connected to facilitate placing and sampling.

    6. After the movable bottom plate is pulled open, the effective height of the opening on the plate surface is 30 mm.

2. Lofting rack:

    1. Square stainless steel plate: 230mm×230mm, 6.5mm±0.5; thick;

    2. A circular hole with a diameter of 205mm±1.5 is opened in the middle;

    3. There is a 25 mm × 25 mm × 1.5 mm thick foot around.

    3. Press plate: square stainless steel plate: 230mm×230mm, 6.5mm±0.5 thick.  A circular hole with a diameter of 205mm±1.5 is opened in the middle.

    4. Heat insulation board: asbestos board: 280mm×280mm and 3mm thick, one piece.