FY303-II Comprehensive Testing Machine for Rolling Thickness Measurement of Mattress



To test the durability of mattress surface rolling and the height of mattress surface.

STANDARDS: GBT26706, etc.

Instrument characteristics:

1. Equipped with computer control software, easy to operate.

2. The core control unit adopts Italian ( ST)32 - bit MCU.

3. Import force sensor, accurate measurement.

4. The instrument adopts high-quality AC servo motor and force sensor, with accurate speed control and stable operation.

5. The instrument includes Chinese and English interfaces to facilitate the inspection of foreign customers.

6. Electrostatic spraying process shall be adopted for surface spraying of the instrument.

7. Shutdown method: Stop the machine automatically when the number of tests reaches, the specimen is damaged or the deformation is too large, and call the police.

8. The equipment has a fault self-diagnosis system.

Technical parameters:

1. Roller: round roller with hard, smooth and scratch-free surface and safety cover;  Length of oval roller: 1000±2mm;  Diameter of oval roller: 300±1mm;;  Weight of oval roller: 1400±7N.

2. Rolling speed: 16±2 rpm.

3. The friction coefficient is between 0.2 and 0.5.

4. The rotational inertia moment of the drum shall be 0.5±0.05kg㎡.

5. Test times: 0 ~ 99,999 times can be set arbitrarily.

6. Force measuring device accuracy of not less than 1 %, size device accuracy of not less than 1mm, loading block position deviation of plus or MINUS 5 mm.

7. Height measurement 1 ) Accuracy: ±0.5mm;;  2 ) Height measuring cushion block: the measuring surface is a flat and smooth rigid cylinder;

8. Measure pad diameter: 100mm, chamfer R10;;  4 ) force application speed of cushion block: 100±20mm/min;

9. Vertical downward force: 4N force is applied, and the distance between the lower surface of the round cushion block measurement surface and the flat plate is the cushion surface height of the mattress;

10. Height measurement: the initial cushion height of the mattress shall be measured after 100 and 29,900 durability tests.

11. The load can be freely controlled.

12. Power Supply: AC220V,50Hz

13. Overall dimensions: 2800×2800×2200mm(L×W×H)

14. Weight: about 320Kg