FYH814 Bed Blanket Combustion Tester



To detect the flame retardant property of bed blanket fabric and the flame spread property of fabric surface. The test method is to burn the sample surface with standardized flame within a specified time, so as to observe the combustion, damage degree or discoloration of standard test paper, and then to grade and evaluate the test fabric.


American materials association ASTM D4151.

Technical parameters:

1. Width: 37cm ( 14.6 inches )

2. Depth: 22cm (8.7 inches )

3. Height: 51cm ( 20.1 inches )

4. Delivery weight: 26kg (57 57lbs )

5. Timing range: 0 ~ 99.9 s

6. Flow meter range: 0 ~ 60cc / min

7. Flame length: 16mm

8. Power supply: 220V, 50Hz