FYH815E 45 - degree Combustion Tester ( 1610 )



This product is mainly used for testing the flame retardant performance of textiles and garments, and properly grades the products according to their combustion performance to prevent the use of any hazardous textiles and garments, so as to reduce any life-threatening hazards.  Its product testing scope mainly includes clothing textiles, toy fabrics, software furniture fabrics, etc.


16CFR 1610 美国服装面料阻燃标准;

16CFR 1610 American Standard for Flame Retardancy of Clothing Fabrics;

ASTM D1230服装纺织阻燃测试;

ASTM D 1230 Textile Flame Retardancy Test for Clothing;

NFPA 720

CATB 117



1. Imported brushed stainless steel is manufactured.

2. Rotor flowmeter is used to adjust the flame height.

3. The front of the experiment box is a heat-resistant glass observation door.

4. Import meter and import metal keys are used for control.

5. South Korea imports motors and speed reducers.

Technical parameters:

1. Flame length: 16±1mm

2. Timing range: 0 ~ 99.9 s

3. Flow meter range: 0 ~ 60cc / min

4. Distance between burner tip and sample: 8mm

5. Sample size: 150mm×50mm

6. Power supply: 220V,50Hz

7. Overall dimensions: 420×220×530mm(L×W×H)

8. Weight: 25Kg