YG815W Toy combustion performance tester



It is suitable for evaluating the performance of materials or combinations of materials under laboratory control after contacting with flame.


EN71-2-2003, GB/T5456, etc.

Technical parameters:

1.Sample size: 560 mm x 170 mm;

2. Location of the burner: surface ignition: the axis of the burner is in a horizontal position, pointing to the sample at right angles to the sample surface, located on the vertical centerline of the sample surface, 17mm from the sample surface, and 20mm; above the bottom fixing needle;

3. Edge ignition: the fire nozzle is located at the front and lower part of the sample, in a plane perpendicular to the surface of the sample through the vertical center line of the sample, the fire nozzle faces the lower part of the sample, the center axis forms an angle of 30 degrees with the vertical line, and the distance between the top and the lower part of the sample is 20mm;

4. Distance between sample rack and sample: greater than 20mm

5. Height of combustion flame: 0 ~ 60 mm adjustable

6. Ignition time: 1-20(S ) adjustable

7. Instrument volume: 93x65x88cm(WxDxH)

8. Instrument weight: about 30Kg

9. Power supply: AC220V 50Hz