FYH873 Wire and Cable Combustion Smoke Density Meter



It is suitable for measuring the transmittance of smoke emitted by insulated metal conductor cables or optical cables used for transmitting electric energy or signals when burned horizontally under specific conditions.


GB/T17651.1~2 ~ 2, IEC 61034, BS 6853, etc.

Technical parameters:

1. Internal dimensions of the box body: 3000mm×3000mm×3000mm。

2. Material inside the box body: SUS 304 stainless steel, filled with calcium silicate fireproof material, and iron material outside, sprayed with plastic.

3. The left and right sides of the box body are equipped with transparent light side windows on opposite walls.

4. Blowing devices for air compressors on the left and right sides of the box.

5. Equipped with desktop fan.

6. Light source: 2900K color temperature incandescent lamp.

7. Optical path calibration system: 0 % and 100 % point calibration.