FYH874 Fire Resistance Tester for Wire and Cable



It is applicable to test equipment used for test cables that require to maintain line integrity under the conditions of controlled heat output, nominal temperature of 850 ℃ flame supply and mechanical impact test.


GB/T19216.12, GB/T19216. 31, IEC60331, GB/T17651.1, etc.

Technical parameters:

1. Heat source: burner with propane burner, equipped with Venturi mixer

2. Temperature of box: 10 - 40 ℃

3. Burner width: 15mm, hole diameter: 1.32mm, hole center distance: 3.2 mm.

4. Length of test ladder: 1200mm(W)×600mm(H ) total weight: 18±1kg

5. Impact generator: composed of low carbon steel round bars with diameter of 25±1mm and length of 600±5mm.

6. Length of longer part of long rod: 400±5mm

7. The front end of the burner burner is >=200mm from the bottom of the combustion box and not less than 300mm from the wall of the box.

8. Lower end of burner burner burner transverse axle distance cable sample: 40-60mm

9. Propane flow range: 10±0.4L/min

10. Air flow range: 160±8L/min ( provided by the user of the air compressor )

11. Burner longitudinal axis distance cable vertical axis: 100 ~ 120 mm