FY708 Moisture - Resisting Microbial Penetration Tester



Used to measure the resistance of materials to penetration of bacteria in liquid when subjected to mechanical friction ( the shielding performance of mechanical friction chamber to penetration of bacteria carried by liquid );  It is mainly used for medical operation sheets, operation clothes and clean clothes, etc.


YY/T 0506.6-2009 Operation List, Operation Clothes and Clean Clothes for Patients, Medical Staff and Instruments Part 6: Test Methods for Penetration of Damp - proof Microorganisms, ISO 22610 and other standards.

Instrument features:

1. Color touch screen display operation.

2. Metal panels and metal keys.

3. The turntable rotates quietly and stably. The timer automatically controls the rotation time of the turntable.

4. The test is guided by a rotating outward wheel and can reciprocate laterally from the center to the periphery of the rotating agar culture dish.

5. Test means that the applied force to the material can be adjusted.

6. The test parts are all made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Technical indicators:

1. The turntable speed is 60 rpm ± 1 rpm

2. The test refers to the pressure on the material of 3N±0.02N N.

3. Outward wheel speed 5 ~ 6 RPM

4. Timer setting range 0 ~ 99.99 min

5. Total weight of inner and outer ring weights: 800g±1g.