FYL-05 Zipper Tape Twist Tester



Used for testing the torsion resistance of pull tab of metal, injection molding and nylon zipper.


Customized by customers.

Instrument characteristics:

1. Torque measurement is composed of high-precision torque sensor and microcomputer force measurement system, which has the functions of automatic torque tracking measurement and peak value maintenance.

2. High - precision encoder is used for angle test.

3. Touch screen display, user-friendly interface design and easy operation.

4. The deletion method is selected and deleted to facilitate deletion of any test result.

5. Printer interface, computer interface, on-line communication line and on-line operation software.

6. The bottom plate is made of imported special aluminum for easy cleaning.

7. The panel is made of special aluminum and has metal keys, which are sensitive to operation and not easy to damage.

Technical parameters:

1. Torque test range: 200N ( clamp width ≤12mm )

2. Minimum clamp range ≥ 0.2mm

3. Clamp width ≤12mm

4. Minimum dividing value: 0.1N

5. Load accuracy: ≤±0.5%F·S

6. Loading mode: bidirectional torsion

7. Torsion Angle Range: Any Angle

8. Power Supply:

9. Overall dimension: 480× 360× 380 mm ( L× W× H )

10. Weight: 38kg