FYY371 Medical Mask Gas Exchange Pressure Difference Tester



It is suitable for measuring the gas exchange pressure difference of medical surgical masks, and can also be used to measure the gas exchange pressure difference of other textile materials.


YY0469-2004, YY0969-2013, EN14683-2014, etc.

Instrument characteristics:

1. The whole machine shell car craft metal paint processing, make the whole machine more exquisite, thick.

2. Imported flowmeter is adopted to stably control airflow.

3. High - precision differential pressure sensor with measuring range of 0 ~ 500 Pa.

4. Color touch screen display, beautiful and generous.  The menu mode of operation is as convenient as a smart phone.

5. The core control components are Italy's 32 - bit multi-functional motherboard.

6. The test time can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the test requirements.

7. The end of the test is provided with an end sound prompt.

8. Equipped with special sample holder, easy to use.

9. Air compressor is used as air source to supply air to the instrument, which is not limited by the space of the test site.

Instrument parameters:

1. Air source: air compressor;

2. Test air flow: (8±0.2)L/min;

3. Sealing method: O - ring sealing;

4. Differential pressure sensing range: 0 ~ 500 Pa;

5. Sample ventilation diameter Φ 25 mm.

6. Display mode: touch screen display;

7. Test time can be adjusted at will.

8. After the completion of the test, automatically record the test data.

9. Power Supply: AC220V±10%,50Hz,1KW