FSY662 Toy Drop Testing Machine



To detect the falling performance of toys.


ASTM F963, etc.

Instrument characteristics:

1. The panel is made of imported special aluminum, with beautiful appearance and convenient cleaning.

2. High precision bearing control movement.

3. The instrument surface is treated by electrostatic spraying process.

4. Special aluminum panel and imported metal keys are sensitive to operate and not easy to damage.

5. Color touch screen display control and menu mode of operation are as convenient as smart phones.

6. The core control component is a multi-functional motherboard composed of 32 - bit single chip computers of Italian company.

Technical parameters:

1. Falling height: 0 ~ 1350 mm

2. Height of gripper: 100 ~ 1350 mm adjustable

3. Volume: 680× 680× 2000 mm ( L× W× H )

4. Power supply: AC220V,50Hz

5. Weight: 200Kg