FTC013 Children's Bed Comprehensive Performance Detector



The children's bed is fixed by stops, and different weights are used to exert different forces at various positions of the children's bed, so as to detect the strength, stability and quality of locking mechanical devices of the frame and fasteners of the children's bed.


QB 2453.1-1999, QB 2453.2, etc.

Instrument characteristics:

1. Large screen color touch screen display operation.

2. The panel is made of special aluminum and has metal keys, which are sensitive to operation and not easy to damage.

3. The core control components are Italy's 32 - bit multi-functional motherboard.

4. Electrostatic spraying process is adopted on the surface of the instrument.

Technical parameters:

1. For multiple groups of force application cylinders, the force value can be adjusted to 0 ~ 300 N, and the force application speed can be adjusted.

2. The cylinder position can be adjusted up and down, left and right.

3. Electric vertical force application device, the position can be adjusted arbitrarily

4. Durability Test of Frame and Fastener

    1 ) Place the test load in the center of the bottom of the cot, and apply 100N force to the equipment that pressurizes the cot from four horizontal directions through the loading pad, with two forces facing each other in the longitudinal direction and two forces in the transverse direction ( AB/CD ).  The force shall be loaded for 2000 cycles in the order of A, B, C, D or A-B followed by C-D ( equal to one cycle ), and the force for each load shall be increased from 0 to 100N and then returned to 0 within not less than 1s.

    2 ) The stressing points ( A, B, C, D ) shall be located 50mm from the intersection point of the center line of the side plate member.

5. Stability Test

    1 ) The soft mattress shall be removed from the children's bed for testing, unless the soft mattress is the combined and fixed part of the children's bed.

    2 ) Place the children's bed on the ground and fix all the bed legs with stops.  The trend of tipping should not be stopped.

    3 ) For children's beds with casters, the casters shall be placed at the most unfavorable position to fix the pavement of the children's bed at the highest position.

    4 ) Use code removal inside the middle point of the upper side of the child bed side plate.  Then a force of 30N is applied horizontally outward.

    5 ) Automatically record whether more than one bed leg on the opposite side is lifted off the ground.

6. Static Test

    1 ) Place the children's bed on the ground and fix all the bed legs with stops.  The trend of tipping should not be stopped.

    2 ) Apply a force of 200N in the direction ( or directions ) that is most difficult to fold, and try to fold the children's bed.  The force should be applied 5 times, 2min each time.

7. Weight: about 160kg

8. Power supply voltage: AC220V, 50Hz

9. Overall dimensions: 2060× 1180× 1480 mm ( L× W× H )