FTC014 Children's Cart Comprehensive Performance Testing Machine



To test the connection strength, durability, stability, handle strength, braking device and dynamic strength of baby walker of children's carts.


GB14748-2006, GB14749-2006 and other standards.

Instrument characteristics:

1. Large - screen color touch screen displays and operates. The interface design is humanized and easy to operate.

2. The deletion method is selected and deleted to facilitate deletion of any test result.

3. The test time is displayed during the test, which is convenient to adjust the test time.

4. The panel is made of special aluminum and has metal keys, which are sensitive to operation and not easy to damage.

5. The core control components are Italy's 32 - bit multi-functional motherboard.

6. Imported precision guide rails are selected for the core transmission mechanism.

7. The instrument includes Chinese and English interfaces to facilitate the inspection of foreign customers.

8. The surface of the instrument shall be treated by electrostatic spraying process.

Technical parameters:

1. Testing GB14748 and 5.15 are used to test the connection strength and durability of detachable horizontal pocket or seat pocket.

    1 ) The test platform is equipped with a fixed cart device and can be controlled to rotate to100°±0.1

    2 ) Automatic judgment of specimen damage and automatic shutdown

2. GB14748 and 5.11 Stability Test

    1 ) The test platform can be rotated to 12 degrees, and the surface of the platform is covered with No.80 sandpaper

    2 ) the angle is 0 - 180 + / - 0.50, and the inclination angle is arbitrarily set.

3, GB14748, 5.12 Handle Strength Test

    1 ) The instrument is equipped with a pneumatic clamp to clamp the handle of the cart so that the front and rear wheels can be increased by 120mm±10mm and 15 cycles /min in turn

    2 ) Lifting and pressing test stroke: 100 ~ 200 mm ( adjustable )

    3 ) Action mode: electric

4. GB14748 and 5.13 Braking Device Performance Test

    1 ) The test platform can rotate to 9 degrees, and the surface of the platform is covered with No.80 sandpaper and equipped with adjustable stops

5. GB14749, 5.12 Dynamic Strength Test

    1 ) The cylinder controls the weight to impact up and down, and the impact times can be set to 0 - 999.

    2 ) Height: 0 ~ 500mm, set arbitrarily

6. GB14749 and 5.13 Collision Test

    1 ) Control the baby walker to hit the plywood wall with a wall thickness of 20mm at a speed of 2 m / s 0.2 m / s, and the wall is higher than the walker.

7. GB14748 and 5.19 Impact Strength Test

    1 ) The test bed plate is inclined by 10 degrees, and the front of the trolley is equipped with baffles not less than the wheel radius, and the trolley is 1000mm away from the baffles