FTC015 Wheel load testing machine



Used to detect the deformation of children's bicycle wheels under different conditions when different forces are applied to the wheels.


GB 14746-2006、GB 14746-2006、ISO 8098、EN 14765 etc.

Instrument characteristics:

1. Large - screen color touch screen display, user-friendly interface design and easy operation.

2. The panel is made of special aluminum and has metal buttons, which are sensitive to operation and not easy to damage.

3. The core control components are Italy's 32 - bit multi-functional motherboard.

4. The core transmission mechanism adopts imported precision guide rails.

5. The instrument includes Chinese and English interfaces to facilitate the inspection of foreign customers.

6. The surface of the instrument is treated by electrostatic spraying process.

Technical parameters:

1. Applicable wheels: 8 " to 16"

2. Loading Method: Weight Loading

3. Display / Control Mode: Touch Screen LCD Control

4. Auxiliary equipment: Air cylinder

5. Wheel static load test

    1 ) Apply a force of 178N perpendicular to the wheel plane for 1min.

6. Balance wheel vertical load test

    1 ) The frame shall be vertically inverted and fastened at the saddle pipe, and the mass of 30kg shall be suspended on a balance wheel for 3min.

7. Balance wheel longitudinal load test

    1 ) The frame is upright, the front axle is positioned directly above the rear axle and fixed, and a mass of 30kg is suspended on the balance wheel for 3min.

8. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz

9. Weight: about 100kg

10. Overall dimensions: 980× 880× 1280 mm ( L× W× H )