FTC016 Children's Bed Comprehensive Strength Testing Machine



Used to test the impact resistance and strength of the cot, the strength of the cot pavement and side bars, and the vertical static loading used to determine various compressive capacities of the cot. The results can be used as an important reference for factory testing of the cot or as an important basis for designing and producing the cot.


GB 29281 - 2012, QB 2453.1, QB 2453.2, etc.

Instrument characteristics:

1. The surface of the instrument is made of high-quality aluminum. It is durable and the appearance of the whole machine is beautiful and elegant, which is easy to clean.

2. Imported special aluminum wire drawing panel with metal keys.

3. Color touch screen display, elegant, intelligent menu mode of operation.

4. The core control components are Italy's 32 - bit multi-functional motherboard.

5. The core control component is a multi-functional motherboard made up of 32 - bit single-chip computer of Italian company.

6. Color touch screen display control and menu mode of operation are as convenient as smart phones.

Technical parameters:

1. Upper vertical pressure movement stroke: 0 ~ 1200 mm

2. Lateral and vertical movement stroke of side cylinder: 0 ~ 500mm

3. Side force application cylinder of side strip: 0 ~ 300 n

4. Appearance size: 2500mm× 1500 mm× 1700 ( L× W× H )

5. Number of tests: 1 ~ 999

6. Power supply: AC220V,50Hz

7. Weight: about 140kg