FTC017 Electric Baby Vehicle Comprehensive Performance Testing



Used to test the durability, durability requirements, mechanical strength and various comprehensive properties of strollers. The results can be used as an important reference for factories to test strollers or as an important basis for the design and production of strollers.


GB / t32441 - 2015 and other standards.

Instrument characteristics:

1. The surface of the instrument is made of high-quality aluminum. It is durable and the appearance of the whole machine is beautiful and elegant, which is easy to clean.

2. Imported special aluminum wire drawing panel with metal keys.

3. Color touch screen display, elegant, intelligent menu mode of operation.

4. The core control components are Italy's 32 - bit multi-functional motherboard.

5. Precision motor control drive, short response time, uniform speed.

Technical parameters:

1. Test movement mode: belt type uniform circular movement

2. Test running speed: 0.1m ~ 5m / min

3. Movement stroke: 3200mm±10mm

4. Appearance size: 3600× 1500× 1550 mm ( L× W× H )

5. Number of tests: 1 ~ 999999

6. Power supply: AC 220V, 50Hz

7. Weight: about 160kg