FTC115 Brake Performance Tester for Children's Bicycles



Used to detect different braking systems of children's bicycles at a certain speed to generate different braking force.


GB 14746 - 2006 and other standards.

Instrument characteristics:

1. Computer automatic control, simple and fast operation;

2. Record storage to facilitate viewing or deleting any test result record;

3. The test time is displayed during the test, which is convenient to adjust the test time;

4. Test record report automatically generated;

5. The interface can be switched between Chinese and English to facilitate the inspection of foreign customers.

6. The surface of the instrument is treated by electrostatic spraying process.

Technical parameters:

1. High - precision brake force sensor ensures accurate force value. Taiwan servo motor is adopted to ensure stable and constant speed.

2. Non - overlapping winding structure is adopted, and high-strength ropes are equipped to ensure service life.

3. Two fully automatic X-Y clamp lifting platforms are equipped with fast and convenient clamping fixtures to meet the requirements of samples of different sizes.

4. There are two full-automatic manual brake force application units. The force value ( 1 ~ 50kg ), the number of force application times and the force value holding time can be set.

5. Force application range and precision resolution: 0 ~ 2000N, ≤ 0.5 %, 1 / 100000

6. Test speed: 0 ~ 10m / s, speed double closed loop, and real-time display of current speed and braking distance

7. Displacement accuracy: ≤±0.1mm

8. Weight: about 180kg

9. Power supply voltage: AC220V, 50Hz

10. Overall dimensions: 2660× 980× 1580 mm ( L× W× H )