FTC152 Saddle Mechanical Property Testing Machine



To test the mechanical properties of saddle.  The strength of the saddle tube ( bicycle seat tube ) of the saddle ( bicycle seat ) and the bicycle seat of the saddle are detected by a static load test method.


GB 14747, ANSI Z315;;  GB 14746-2006 4.11, ISO 8098, EN 14765 and other standards.

Instrument characteristics:

1. Select accessories, high grade, stable and reliable performance, durable.

2. Data record: U disk.

3. Standard modular design facilitates instrument maintenance and upgrade.

4. The core components use Italy's 32 - bit multifunction motherboard to process data.

5.  4.3 inch color touch screen display, beautiful and generous.  The menu mode of operation is as convenient as a smartphone.

6, special fence, ensure the safety of the operators.

7. The panel is made of special aluminum and has metal keys, which are sensitive to operation and not easy to damage.

8. The instrument includes Chinese and English interfaces to facilitate the inspection of foreign customers.

9. The surface of the instrument is treated by electrostatic spraying process.

Technical parameters:

1. Two groups of force value control: vertical direction and horizontal direction

2. Vertical force control: 0 ~ 500 N, set arbitrarily

3. Horizontal force control: 0 ~ 200 N, set arbitrarily

4. Force value accuracy: 1 %

5. The speed of torque application can be arbitrarily set: 10 ~ 50 times / minute

6. When the sample is damaged, automatic alarm stop

7. Can display the rotation angle

8. Weight: about 140kg

9. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz

10. Overall dimension: 1260× 1080× 1360 mm ( L× W× H )