FTC621 Pedal Crank Assembly Dynamic Fatigue Testing Machine



Used to detect the wear of bicycle pedal crank assembly after dynamic fatigue ( simulating the movement state during riding ) for a specified number of times.


GB 14746 - 2006 4.9;  ISO 8098;  En 14765 and other standards.

Instrument characteristics:

1. Stable and reasonable operation, low noise, no beating and vibration phenomenon.

2. The core transmission mechanism adopts imported precision guide rails.

3. Convenient and quick installation of fixture.

4. The interface of the instrument is clear and simple, convenient to operate.

5. The surface of the instrument is treated by electrostatic spraying process.

6. The main structure of the instrument is processed with special aluminum alloy profiles.

7. Color touch screen display control and menu mode of operation are as convenient as smart phones.

8. The core control unit is a multi-functional motherboard composed of 32 - bit single-chip computer of Italian company.

Technical parameters:

1. Air cylinder: one set, which can automatically lift the weight when loading.

2. Load: 50±0.5kg ( including total mass of clamps, springs, hooks, etc. )

3. Adjustable load: It can be used to carry out wear tests on pedals of children's bicycles, etc.

4. Counter: 0 ~ 99999.9 set arbitrarily ( with power-off holding function )

5. Counting accuracy: 0 ~ 999999 times

6. Rotation frequency: 1 ~ 120 times /min adjustable

7. Rotation accuracy: ≤ 1 time /min

8. Microswitch: 2 sets ( the pedal rotation and counting will be automatically stopped when the test piece is damaged, and the test results will be kept )

9. Unloading and loading: pneumatic automatic

10. Power supply: AC 220V 50Hz

11. Overall dimension: 1060× 680× 1080mm ( L× W× H )