FFZ223 Yarn Thermo Shrinkage Measurer


To measure the shrinkage rate of chemical synthetic filament yarns after heating and cooling.  The specimen is drawn by constant rate elongation method(CRE). After reaching the pre-tension to the specimen, the drawing is stopped. The length of the specimen is measured automatically after pausing to the set time.


JIS L1017、GB/T6505


1, Large color touch screen display, easy menu mode of operation in English and Chinese.
2, The core control adopts 32-bit multifunctional mainboard of STMicroelectronics, high-precision stepper motor and load cell.
3, It can be used as CRE single yarn tensile tester to obtain pre-tension of the sample. The load-elongation curves can be viewed on computer through online software and RS232 communication mode. And the pre-tension can be obtained by taking points and partly amplification of the curve.
4, Unique (host-PC) two-way control technology, realizes faster test , and richer results (data, curves, graphics, reports).
5, Equipped with printer interface for printing test data by external printer.
6, Self reseached & developed FY-Meas&Ctrl system includes:
⑴hardware: multifunctional circuit board.
⑵software: multifunctional measuring & controling software FY-Meas&Ctrl (Certificate No.4762843)



1. Measuring range: 
500cN, division value 0.01cN; 
5000cN, division value: 0.1cN2. Force measurement accuracy: level 0.5
3. Data sampling frequency: ≥200Hz
4, Stretching speed range: 10 ~ 1000mm/min
5. Return speed range: 10 ~ 1000mm/min
6. Speed division value: 0.1mm/min
7. Effective Travel: 1000mm
8. Elongation resolution: 0.1mm
9. Power: AC220V, 200W
10. Dimensions: 670mm*450mm*660mm(L*W*H)11. Mass: about 85kg