YG021F Electronic Multifilament Tensile Tester


Measures breaking strength and breaking elongation of raw silk, polyfilament, synthetic fiber monofilament, glass fiber, spandex, nylon, polyester filament, composite polyfilament and deformed filament.


ISO2062、ISO 3341、GB 7690.3GB、T1798、GB/T14344


1, Large color touch screen display, easy menu mode of operation in English and Chinese.
2, Exports the test results to EXCEL documents, easy connection with the user's software.
3, Software analysis on breaking point, breaking-off point, stress point, yield point, initial modulus, elastic deformation, plastic deformation, etc.
4, Safety protection on stroke limit, overload, negative force value, overcurrent, overvoltage etc.
5, Force calibration: digital code calibration (authorized code).
6, Unique (host-PC) bidirectional control technology, realizes faster test , and richer results (data, curves, graphics, reports).
7, Standard modular design, convenient maintenance and upgrade.
8, The core control adopts 32-bit multifunctional mainboard of STMicroelectronics.