FY601 UV Aging Tester




It is used to test the aging resistance of textiles, leather, plastics, rubber and other materials exposed to ultraviolet light. The equipment is irradiated with the original imported UVA-340 fluorescent UV lamp. At the same time, the influence of moisture can be simulated by condensation or spray to assess changes in materials such as fading, color change, gloss, cracking, blistering, embrittlement, oxidation, etc.




1. The best simulated ultraviolet light in the sun, the spectrum is stable, and the spectral power distribution does not change with the aging of the lamp.

2. The irradiance is precisely maintained by controlling the output of the lamp; the irradiance is continuously monitored and quickly calibrated.

3. Lamp life.

4. Support for large color touch screen control and display.

5. The core control unit adopts the 32-bit single-chip microcomputer of STMicroelectronics to form a multi-function board.




1. Studio size :1150mm×450mm×450mm(L× W ×H

2.Number of sample holders: 24 sets

3. Center distance between lamps :70mm

4.Temperature of blackboard :30℃80℃

5.Imported UVA-340 tube, adjustable range of irradiance:Monitoring wavelength340nm:(0.61W/m2·nm±0.02W/m2·nm real-time monitoring, and automatic compensation

6. Laboratory temperature range: room temperature +5℃ ~ 80℃

7. Exposure, condensation (saturated water vapor is blown into the test chamber), spray time is alternately adjustable

8. Test time: 0~999h, adjustable

9.power supply:220V±10%50Hz20A