YG502-IIIA Fabric Circular Locus tester


Circular locus tester is for fast tests of surface prospensity to fuzzing, matting and pilling of various woven fabrics by circular locus method.



GB/T 4802.1



1, Powder-coated shell, special aluminum panels, metal switch buttons, smart and neat.

2, Large color touch screen display, easy menu mode of operation in English and Chinese.

3, Stainless steel arm, head and weight, never rust.

4, The transmission and the connection adopt high quality linear guide rail and bearings, fitting tight and running smooth.

5,  Silent drive motor runs at low noise.

6, The abrasion table, head and brush are of high quality and well designed to guarantee accuracy of testing.

7, Self reseached & developed FY-Meas&Ctrl system includes:
⑴hardware: multifunctional circuit board.
⑵software: multifunctional measuring & controling software FY-Meas&Ctrl (Certificate No.4762843)



1. Inner diameter of The sample grip: 90mm

2. Pressure of weight: 100cN±1%, 290cN±1%

3. Motion diameter: 40±1 mm

4. Relative speed of circling: 60±1 r/min

5. Numbers of circling: 1~999999 presettable

6. Power: AC220V, 50Hz, 200W

7. Dimensions: 550×400×400mm (L×W×H)

8. Mass: 35Kg