YG511S-ⅣA Roll Box Pilling Tester (4 boxes)


Rolling box tester is for determining the resistance to pilling and fuzzing of wool, knits and other easy pilling fabrics.



ISO12945.1、JIS L1076、BS5811、IWS TM152、GB/T4802.3



1, Powder-coated shell, special aluminum panels, metal switch buttons, smart and neat.

2, Large color touch screen display, easy menu mode of operation in English and Chinese.

3, Plastic boxes, light, firm, and never deform.

4, High quality rubber cork liners, easy to remove and replace.

5, Fine quality polyurethane sample tubes, solid and durable.

6, Rotating smooth and steady, with very low noise.

7, Self reseached & developed FY-Meas&Ctrl system includes:
⑴hardware: multifunctional circuit board.
⑵software: multifunctional measuring & controling software FY-Meas&Ctrl (Certificate No.4762843)


1. Rotary-boxes: 4, (besides, 2, 6, 9 boxes are available)

2. Box space: 235×235×235mm (L×W×H)

3. Rolling speed: 60 ± 1r / min

4. Number of rolling: 1 ~ 999999 times (arbitrary setting)

5. Sample tube size, weight and hardness: ¢ 31.5 × 140mm, wall thickness 3.2mm, weight 52.25g, Shore hardness 37.5 ± 2

6. Rubber cork liners: thickness 3.2±0.1mm, Shore hardness 82-85, density 917-930Kg/m3, friction coefficient 0.92-0.95

7. Power: AC220V, 50Hz

8. Dimensions: 900×600×900mm (L×W×H)

9. Mass: 70Kg