FFZ191-IV Water Evaporation Tester


Water evaporation rate tester measures water absorption and quick drying rate of fabrics.



GB/T 21655.1



1, Special aluminum panel, metal switch buttons, smart and neat.

2, Large color touch screen display, easy menu mode of operation in English and Chinese.

3, Ten work positions.

4, Cylinder controlled lifting mechanism.

5, High grade automatic weighing system.

6, Equipped with automatic drip device.

7, High-quality servo motor, running smoothly and quietly.

8, Optimized structural design, accurate positioning.

9, Two ways to terminate the test: the rate of mass change and the time of the test.

10, The test results are automatically calculated and generated.

11, The test curve is automatically generated, and the multi-position curve can be displayed at the same time.

12, The test data is accurate and the evaporation rate can be calculated manually or automatically.



1. Work positions: 10

2. Weighing range: 0 ~ 250g, precision 0.001g

3. Range of interval weighing time: 2 ~ 10 min (accuracy 1 min)

4. Specimen size: 100×100 mm

5. Test timing (hour: minute: second) accuracy: 0.1s

6. Two test end options are available: mass change rate (range 0.5 ~ 100%), test time 2 ~ 99999min, accuracy: 0.1s

7. Dimensions: 710×600×850mm (L×W×H)

8. Mass: 90kg

9. Power: AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz