FFZ381-II Liquid Moisture Management Tester


To test liquid moisture management properties of textile fabrics, products and to determine the performance of water absorption, drying rate, sweat releasing.



AATCC 195、GB/T21655.2、SN/T1689



1, Powder-coated shell, special aluminum panels, metal switch buttons, smart and neat.

2, Large color touch screen display, easy menu mode of operation in English and Chinese.

3, High grade motor control device, precise and stable.

4, Two sets of sensors to meet both the old and new standards.

5, High quality gold-plated probes, with high sensitivity, oxidation resistance, good stability.

6, Advanced droplet infusion system, precise and stable, with liquid recovery function, which prevents the sulution from crystallizing and blocking the oipeline.

7, Test results are automatically rated from 1 to 5.



1. Test data: wetting time, absorption rate, max wetted radius, spreading speed of the top and the bottom, accumulative one-way transport index and OMMC.

2. Liquid dispensing time & volume: 20s ± 0.1s, 0.22ml

3. Measure time: 120s

4. Power: AC 220V, 50Hz, 300W

5. Mass: 40Kg