FY3100+ Water-cooled Solar Climatic Aging Tester




1. Independent research and development of water-cooled solar climatic aging tester, ending the long-term monopoly of imported instruments on the domestic market;

2. National Torch Program Project, National Key New Products;

3. Won five national patents;

4. Through the national new product appraisal, the experts unanimously assessed: filling the domestic gap and reaching the international advanced technology level;

5. Zhejiang Science and Technology Achievements, Wenzhou High-tech Project, and Key Technology Projects in Bohai District;

6. Won the 2008 Wenzhou Science and Technology Progress Award;

7. Nearly 75 units sold nationwide;

8. FZ/T 98011-2014 industry standard drafting company of Solar Climatic Color Fastness Tester




It is used for simulating daylight illumination artificial aging test of various textiles, dyes, leather, plastics, paints, coatings, automotive interior parts, geotextiles, electrical and electronic products, color building materials, etc. It can also achieve light fastness and climatic fastness test. By setting the conditions of light irradiance, temperature, humidity, rain and other conditions in the test chamber to test the color fading, aging, transmittance, peeling, hardening, softening, cracking and other properties of the material and provide the experimental Simulating the natural environment




       AATCC TM 16169ISO105-B02ISO105-B04ISO105-B06ISO4892-2-AISO4892-2-BGB/T8427GB/T8430GB/T14576GB/T16422.2JIS  L 0843ASTM G155-1155-4 GMW 3414SAEJ19601885JASOM346PV1303GB/T1865GB/T1766GB/T15102GB/T15104Martha C9



1. With completely independent intellectual property rights, it breaks the monopoly of foreign brands on the Chinese market and greatly reduces the cost of purchasing, using and maintaining;

2. The machine has passed the national new product appraisal and has obtained four national patents. Suitable for high temperature, long time, sun exposure, climatic aging test; supporting functions such as revolution, alternating light and dark, raining test;

3. Pre-set weathering and lightfastness test standards for a variety of materials, user-friendly testing, and programmable functions to meet AATCC, ISO, GB/T, FZ/T, BS national standards;

4. Ultra-large color touch screen display and operation, can display dynamic curve of irradiance, temperature and humidity on-line monitoring; multi-point monitoring and protection can realize unattended operation of the instrument;

5. 4500W water-cooled long arc xenon illumination system, real full daylight spectrum simulation;

6. The energy automatic compensation technology makes it easy to use time as the test end point;

7. Equipped with 300 ~ 400nm; 420nm; two-band optical irradiance calibration and a wide range of controllable technology, other bands can be monitored according to user requirements, to meet the aging test requirements of various materials;

8. Blackboard thermometer (BPT), standard blackboard thermometer (BST) and sample stay in same station (equal distance) for detection, truly reflect the measured condition of the sample, the measured data is displayed on the touch screen by means of numbers, graphs, curves, etc., without stopping observation;

9. Large test capacity, one test is equivalent to six times the air-cooled general model test;

10. Independent sample timing function for each sample holder;

11. Lower noise;

12. Double-loop redundant design; multi-point monitoring; with xenon lamp protection system, fault prompt function, self-diagnosis and alarm function to ensure uninterrupted and smooth operation of the instrument for a long time;

13. The whole machine uses low-voltage components such as: buttons, relays, AC contactors and other German Schneider brand products.

14. With imported circulating water pump.

15. It is equipped with two imported lamps and three sets of imported DC regulated power supplies.

16. All sample holders are placed in parallel with the tube without angles. The front side of the sample holder can receive consistent illumination. The same result can be measured regardless of where the sample is placed in any sample holder to ensure consistent test results.

17. Curing common standards, no need to set, after the instrument is selected, the instrument automatically adjusts to the test conditions required by the standard.

18. The whole machine casing is treated with automotive metal paint to make the instrument more beautiful.

19. The core master is OMRON PLC ensures stable operation of the instrument.

20. With temperature and humidity dynamic balance technology.




1.power supply Three-phase four wire system

2. Lamp: imported ultra-fine water-cooled long-arc xenon lamp, relevant color temperature:5500K6500K; diameter:10mm; total length:450mm; light arc length:220mm, service life;nearly1200 hours

NOTE: This technology has been patented:ZL 2006 1 0028701.1water-cooled xenon lamp

ZL 2010 2 0241820.7 a water-cooled xenon lamp

3.Sample frame rotation speed :3rpm

4.Drum diameter of the sample holder :448mm

5.Effective exposure area of180×35mma single sample holder

6.The number of sample holders and the effective exposure area : 27 pieces, 1700cm2

7.a single sampleSeparate timing range and accuracy: 0 ~ 999 h 59 min ± 1s

8.Illumination period,Dark period and accuracy: 0 ~ 999 h 59 min ± 1s, adjustable

9.Spray period and accuracy: 0 ~ 999 h 59 min ± 1s, adjustable

10.Spray method: spray on the front and back of the sample, optional front or back separate spray.

11.Test warehouse temperature control range and accuracy:30℃78℃±2℃

12.Blackboard temperature control range and accuracy:BPT: 40℃120℃±2℃BST: 40℃130℃±1℃

NOTE: This technology has been patented:

ZL 2005 2 0046742.4 Display telemetry device of solar climate color fastness tester temperature blackboard

13.Humidity range and accuracy:bright period:25RH85RH±5%RH

dark period:25RH98RH±5%RH

14.Irradiance range: Monitoring wavelength one 300400nm:(35180±1W/m2 ·nm

Monitoring wavelength two 420nm:(0.8003.000±0.02W/m2 ·nm

Monitoring wavelength three 340nm:(0.31.1±0.02W/m2 ·nm

Monitoring wavelength four 290800nm:(3001350±10W/m2 ·nm

Other bands can also be digitally calibrated for real-time monitoring, and automatic compensation is stable at the set value.

NOTE: This technology has been patented:

ZL 2005 2 0041350.9 Automatic compensation technology for radiant energy of light source of solar climate color fastness tester

15.Operation mode: revolution, light and dark alternate function

16.Dimensions: 1200×1000×2000mmL×W×H

17.Total footprint not less than :3000×1500mmL×W

18Mass: about400kg




1 host;

Sample holder and cover piece,

  1. 27 sample holders

(2) 27 pieces of cover sheets covering 1/2 of the total exposed area;

(3) 27 pieces of cover sheets covering 1/3 of the middle section of the total exposed area;

(4) 27 pieces of cover sheets covering 2/3 of the left section of the total exposed area;

(5) 27 pieces of matching resin plate;

(6) 1 supporting rotating frame;

1 blackboard thermometer(BPT);

1 Standard blackboard thermometer(BSP);

2 Import ultra-fine 4500W water-cooled long arc xenon lamp;

2 sets of filter glass cylinders;

1 ultra-pure water machine for water-cooling and sun-drying;

1 set of discolored gray cards;

2 groups of ISO blue standard;

1 product certificate;

1 copy of the Chinese product manual.