YG812DQ Hydrostatic Head Tester (pneumatic clamping)


Hydrostatic pressure tester is to determine the resistance to water penetration, the waterproof properties of tight fabrics, with or without water-repellent finish, such as canvas, coated fabrics, hood fabric, tarpaulin, rain-proof fabrics and geotextiles.



HG/T 2582-2008, GB 19082-2009 5.4.1, GB/T 4744-1997, GB/T 4744-2013, ISO 1420, AATCC 127, ISO 811-1981, JIS L1092-1998, DIN EN 20811-1992, FZ/T 01004



1, Pneumatic clamping with tightness adjustable;

1, Power coated shell, metal panel and buttons, special aluminum test table, durable and never rust;

2, Large color touch screen display, easy menu mode of operation in English and Chinese;

3, Fine-quality water pressure system, digital setting of pressurization speed, wide range adjustable, suitable for testing all kinds of materials;

4, High-quality stainless steel fixture, with fine gasket, easy to tighten, no damage to the sample;

5, The core control of 32-bit multifunctional main-board of STMicroelectronics, high-precision pressure sensor, with automatic pressure tracking;

6, Self researched & developed FY-Meas&Ctrl system includes:

hardware: multifunctional circuit board.

software: multifunctional FY-Meas&Ctrl V2.0

Tech. Parameters:

1. Measurement range: 0~300kPa, resolution 0.01kPa;

2. Measurement accuracy: ≤±0.5% F•S;

3. Times of test: ≤ 99 times;

4. Test method: supercharge, constant pressure, permeation;

5. Holding time of constant pressure method : 0 ~ 99999.9s; timing accuracy: ±0.1s;

6. Test head size: 100cm²;

7. The total test timing range: 0 ~ 9999999.9s, timing accuracy: ±0.1s

8. Pressurization rate range: 0.5 ~ 80kPa/min

9. Maximum flow rate: ≤ 200ml/min

10. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz, 50W

11. Dimensions: 400mm×450mm×500mm (L×W×H)

12. Weight: 45Kg


Config. List:

1, host

2, printer port*1

3, soft rubber gasket*2