YG871-IIA Capillary Effect Tester


Capillary rise effect tester by Klemm method, determines water absorption of non-wovens, cotton fabrics, knitted fabrics, sheets, silk, handkerchiefs, paper and other materials.



ISO 9073-6、FZ/T 01071-2008



1, Whole device made of 304 stainless steel, special aluminum panel, metal switch buttons, smart neat, durable and never rusty.

2, Large color touch screen display, easy menu mode of operation in English and Chinese.

3, The samples are controlled by rolling arm, easy to locate

3, Special equipped reading ruler.

4. The sink is equipped with a protective cover.



1. The maximum number of samples: 250mm × 30mm × 10 pieces

2. Tension grip width: ≥30mm, weight: 3±0.5g

3. Operating time: 10s, 30s, 1min, 5min, 10min, 20min and 30min

4. The size of the sink: 340×110×60mm(L×W×H)

5. Ruler: 0 ~ 250mm, the minimum division value: 1mm, indication error: ± 0.2mm

6. Time range: 0 ~ 99.99min

7. Power: Ac220V, 50Hz, 350W

8. Dimensions: 640×250×500mm (L×W×H)

9. Mass: 30kg