FFZ334-II Heat Protection Tester


To test the thermal insulation properties of flame-retardant protective apparel fabrics exposed to convective and radiant heat.



NFPA 1971, GA 634, GA 6-2004(6.12), GB 8965.1-2009, ISO17492, NFPA2112, ASTM F2703



1. The whole machine shell is painted with metal paint; the surface is smooth.

2. The sample table is made of special aluminum profile, light in weight, beautiful and easy to clean and maintain.

3. The instrument uses imported special aluminum brushed panel, equipped with metal buttons, sensitive operation, not easy to damage.

4. Support for large color touch screen display operation.

5. The radiation source and heat flow source can be manually adjusted for convenient use.

6. Equipped with the heat calibration calibrator, can quickly complete the calibration to ensure the accuracy of the data.



1. Equipped with a group of radiant heat sources and two convective heat sources, the radiant heat source consists of nine infrared quartz lamps, and the convection heat source consists of two standard Meker burners.

2. Heat flux range ≤100KW/m2

3. Sample size: 150mm×150mm

4. Combustion gas: propane

5. Rotor flowmeter speed: 6L/min

6. Copper calorimeter measurement range: 0℃ ~ 200℃, resolution℃, accuracy 0.2 ℃

7. Computer display and processing, with real-time curve, the result of printing

8. Timing range and accuracy: 0 ~ 99999.99s, accuracy 0.1s

9. Water-cooled calibration heat flow meter: 0 ~ 100KW/m2, process capacity 150%. FS, maximum nonlinearity ± 2%. FS, with NIST report

10. Computer connection, data acquisition, acquisition frequency ≥ 10Hz, including heat flow data software

11. Power: AC220, 50Hz, 4KW

12. Length: 1200mm. Width: 450mm. Height: 550mm

13. Mass: 88Kg