YG541E Automatic Crease Recovery Tester


Automatic tester determine the recovery from creasing of a horizontally folded specimen of fabrics by measuring the angle of recovery. The fabric recovery is indicated by the crease recovery angle.



ISO 2313、GB/T3819



1, Imported industrial high resolution CCD sensor, with analysis software, processing easy and clear.

2, Automatic panoramic shooting the angles of recovery, 0 ~ 180° full range automatic imaging and analysis to the samples.

3, Rising and falling of the press driven by cylinder, nice and easy.

4, Report can be output through computer in forms of data, MS EXCEL, and pictures.

5. The user can manually select the sample images that are considered to be objectionable, to obtain recalculation of the results.



1. Measurement time: 5min ± 5s

2. Press area: 18×15mm

3. Press load: 10 ± 0.05N

4. Press time: 5min ± 5s

5. Work positions: 10

6. Angle range and accuracy: 0 ~ 180°±1°

7. Dimensions: 860×350×620mm(L×W×H)

8. Mass: about 180Kg