YG811F Fabric Drape Tester


Drape meters drapability of woven, nonwoven, knitted fabrics, including drape coefficient, surface ripple.



FZ/T 01045、 GB/T23329



1. All stainless steel casing;

2. Metal panels, metal buttons;

3. It can measure the static and dynamic drape performance of various fabrics; including drapability, wave amplitude, surface ripple number and aesthetic coefficient;

4. Image acquisition: Panasonic high-resolution CCD image acquisition system, panoramic shooting, shooting and recording of the sample real scene and projection, the test can be enlarged for viewing, and generate analysis graphics, dynamic display of various data;

5. The speed is continuously adjustable to obtain the drape characteristics of the fabric at different rotational speeds.



1. Drape coefficient range: 0 ~ 100%

2. Accuracy of drape coefficient: ≤±2%

3. Activity rate (LP): 0 to 100% ± 2%

4. The number of floating surface ripples (N)

5. Specimen disk diameter: 120mm; 180mm (quick replacement)

6. Specimen size (circular): ¢ 240mm; ¢ 300mm; ¢ 360mm

7. Rotation speed: 0 ~ 300r/min; (adjustable, convenient for users to complete a number of standards)

8. The aesthetic coefficient: 0 ~ 100%

9. Light source: LED

10. Power: AC 220V, 100W

11. Dimensions: 500×700×1200mm (L×W×H)

12. Mass: 40Kg