YG611S Air Cooled Weather Condition Meter


APPLICATION: It is used for light resistance, weather fastness and photo aging experiments of textile, printing and dyeing, clothing, automotive interior parts, geotextiles, leather, wood-based panels, wood flooring, plastics and other colored materials. By controlling the light irradiance, temperature, humidity, rain and other items in the test chamber, the simulated natural conditions required for the experiment are provided to detect the light fastness, weather fastness and photo aging performance of the sample; Light intensity is controlled online; Automatic monitoring and compensation of light energy; Closed-loop control of temperature and humidity; Multi-point adjustment function such as blackboard temperature loop control. Meets US, European and Chinese standards.

STANDARDS:AATCC16169ISO105-B02ISO 105-B04、、GB/T 8427GB/T 8430GB/T 14576GB/T 15102GB/T 15104SAEJ19601885JASOM346PV1303 ASTM G155-1155-4


1Support for large color touch screen display and operation, support a variety of expressions: numbers, charts, and so on;

2It is equipped with two sets of imported integrated DC stabilized power supply, ultra-slim arc lamp, stable arc and high luminous efficiency. long lasting;

3The spectrum is detected by the US Ocean Optics Instruments Spectrometer and fully meets the standard requirements;

4The instrument is equipped with imported Mitsubishi industrial refrigeration unit, which can accurately control the temperature of the test chamber;

5Accessories include: sample holder, blackboard thermometer, standard blackboard thermometer, long arc lamp, etc;

6Replica of the same environment countless times;

7Meet AATCC, ISO, GB/T, JIS and many other standards;

8Safety protection monitoring points (irradiance, water level, cooling air, temperature inside the warehouse, warehouse door, over-current, over-pressure) can realize unattended operation of the instrument;

9The position of the irradiance sensor is fixed, and the measurement error caused by the rotation of the rotary disk and the refraction of the sample turntable to different positions is eliminated;

10Automatic compensation of light energy;

11Temperature (irradiation temperature, heater heating, air conditioning refrigeration), humidity (multiple sets of ultrasonic atomizer humidification, saturated steam humidification, industrial refrigerator dehumidification) dynamic balance technology;

12Accurate and fast control of BST and BPT;

13Each sample has an independent timing function;

14The dual-circuit electronic redundancy design ensures continuous, trouble-free operation of the instrument for a long time;

15Equipped with a round observation window, the operator can monitor the running status of the instrument at any time;


1、Laboratory size:400×450×310mmL×W×H

2、Blue screen LCD display, full Chinese menu operation,

3、xenon lamp power supply:220V50HZ3000W(maximum power) imported air-cooled xenon lamp

4、average service life:1500 hours(including energy automatic compensation function, effectively extend the life of the lamp)

5、Sample frame rotation speed :5r/min

6、Diameter of the sample holder :205mm

7、The number of sample holders and the effective exposure area of ​​a single sample holder: 10 pieces, 100 × 45 mm (L × W)

8、Test warehouse temperature control range and accuracy:25℃48℃±2℃(irradiation temperature, heater heating, air conditioning and refrigeration)

9、Test chamber humidity control range and accuracy: 25% RH~85% RH±5% RH; test chamber humidification, dehumidification system; ultrasonic atomizer humidification and saturated steam humidification, industrial refrigerator dehumidification.

10、blackboard temperature range and accuracy:BPT: 30℃80℃±2℃

  Standard blackboard temperature range and accuracy: BST: 35℃~85℃±1℃ (wireless transmission, digital display, automatic monitoring, closed loop control)

11Irradiance range: Monitoring wavelength300nm400nm:(3555W/m2 ·nm±1 W/m2 ·nm

Monitoring wavelength420nm:(0.5501.300W/m2 ·nm±0.02 W/m2 ·nm

Optional 340nm or 300nm ~ 800nm and other band monitoring.

Light irradiance control mode: Light irradiance sensor monitoring, digital setting, automatic compensation, stepless adjustable.

Patent No:ZL 2005 2 0041350.9

12Light irradiance sensor size: base: diameter: 10mm, length: 50mm, test head: diameter: 15mm

13Refrigeration compressor power: 1.5P

14Instrument placement: floor placement

15Dimensions: 900×650×1800mmL×W×H

16power supply 220V,50HZ,4500W

17Mass: 230kg


1 host:

(1) Import 3000W long arc xenon lamp light source and monitoring system;

(2) Blue screen LCD display, Chinese menu operation;

(3) Xenon integrated power supply;

(4) Five ultrasonic atomizing humidifiers;

(5) Industrial refrigerator (air temperature regulator);

(6) Water filtration, purity and self-circulation system;

(7) Stainless steel rotating turntable (ten sample rack mounting stations);

(8) High-performance clutch transmission;

(9) Air filter unit.

(1) 10 national standard sample clips, 30 cover sheets (covering exposed areas of 1/2, 1/3, 2/3);

(3) T10en sheets of resin plates for light fastness and color fastness test.

1 common blackboard thermometer (BPT);

1 standard blackboard thermometer (BST);

Filter: 2 sets; 2 sets of rubber rings;

2 import long arc lamps;

Exhaust pipe, water filter element, special lamp installation wrench × 1;

Consumables: (1) 1 set of discolored gray cards; (2) 1 group of GB blue standard (1 to 5).