YG819-IIA Down-Proof to Rubbing Tester



It is used to detect the performance of fabrics to prevent feathers from being drilled from their surface.


GB/T12705.1-2009 Textile. Methods of testing the down-proof properties of fabrics. Part 1: Rubbing test


1. The instrument consists of one drive wheel and two clamps, one clamp is fixed, the other clamp is oval movement, and a transparent plexiglass shield is provided;

2. The panel adopts imported special aluminum processing and metal buttons;

3. Counting range: (1~9999) times, arbitrarily set;

4. Drive wheel speed: (135±1) r/min;

5. The distance between the drive wheel axis and the substrate: (100±1) mm;

6. The distance between the center of the support point of the swinging rod and the axis of the driving wheel: (25±0.5) mm;

7. The length of the pendulum: (150±1) mm;

8 The length of the support rod connecting the pendulum and the substrate: (95±1) mm;

9. The distance between the driving wheel axis and the supporting rod at the fixed point of the substrate: (170±1) mm;

10. Sample clamp width: (125±1) mm;

11. The sample clamp is made of 304 stainless steel, and the distance between the two clamps is: (44±1) mm;

12. Noise: ≤ 65dB;

13. Dimensions: 500×300×300mm (L×W×H)

14. Mass: 20Kg