YG819A Down-Proof to Rotary Box Tester



It is used to test various fabrics to prevent the drilling or feather from leaking from the gap between the yarns.

STANDARD: GB/T12705.2-2009


1. Rotary box: The box is made of transparent resin material. The inner space is square and the inner wall is smooth. Inner dimensions are: 450mm×450mm×450mm±1mm (L×W×H). The outside is cylindrical and have a small door on the cylinder

2. Relative speed: 45±1 r/min

3. Consists of the rotary box and its electrical control part, and has a preset number of revolutions of 1 to 9999 rpm

4. There are 12 homogeneous butadiene rubber balls with a Shore hardness of (45±5) A and a mass of (140±5) g, and the average Shore hardness is 45A

5. Power: Ac220V, 50Hz

6. Dimensions: 740×650×820mm (L×W×H)

7. Mass: 60Kg